The act of inserting two index fingers into an asshole whilst stretching outward.
What did you do on Saturday night?

I went to a wedding and clamped your cousin.
by Chubbsy December 10, 2013
What Andre be doin to u niggas when we hoop
“He kinda clamping u up”
Clamp Mod : Ones higher intelectual being than hoon
Clamp for mod would be better than having Hoon
by Phoxboi November 20, 2019
A total mind fuck. It can make a grown man cry. This Manga company is the maker of manga popular, controversial, and sexually wrong anime. Suki, Chobits, XXX Holic, etc.
I regret reading this book.
I am going to buy the entire series and all the works of Clamp and show them to my friends!
by Tortured Artist June 5, 2005
From:- "Clown" (misheard)

An insulting term for someone behaving in a foolish manner.

See also:- tool,spanner,helmet,scoper,spaz,fool,cretin,retard
by The Props 2 dictionary August 31, 2004
A word described in a complete shutdown on a player by the defender in basketball. Often used as trashtalk when the defense forces a player to pass the ball or to get it out of bounds.
CLAMPS! You getting clamped up, my nigga!
by Shed1 June 23, 2019