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A unit of Ciske, Pronounced sisk, is a term relating to fractional horsepower. 1 Ciske (Cp) equals the work output of an adult confined to a bed or chair.
Ever since the new guy went all in, his productivity increased to at least 3 Ciske.

I should wipe my ass, but I don’t think I have enough Ciskepower left after listening to that podcast.
by Shoresy 35 September 21, 2019
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Ciske is a huge troll. That enjoys playing video games. They're most likely a dutch person.
"I just got trolled"
"Must have been a Ciske"
by NotMujo May 30, 2018
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The act of a male getting trashed on a bottle of wine then saying that every blond girl at a party looks like Taylor Swift.
Mark: Jeremy are you alright?
Jeremy: Ya man I just pounded that bottle of Moscato and I'm about to get with Taylor Swift over there.
Mark: That's Hilary, you guys have gone to school together since the 2nd grade.
Jeremy: Nah man that's Taylor Swift, Imma get some. Peace bro.
Mark: What a Ciske
by JonJaha's ultimate 69 September 28, 2011
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