A man or woman of honour from the great islands surrounded by deep blue Mediterranean sea of Malta.
Maltese are people of great history, and of great tradition and culture.
by Forever Maltese April 1, 2008
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A person from the Medterranean country Malta
Hey your from Malta
by dillon October 16, 2003
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A maltese is a small white dog, with long shaggy hair, they are friendly dogs.
by Saints October 28, 2003
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I little white dog that may sometimes be cute.. but are most of the time hideously ugly, with matted fur and gunky brown crap around it's eyes.... mostly on the behalf of neglect on its owners part. These dogs will shit and piss your house up no matter what kind of training you subject them to. They bark without a moment of pausing, and practically jump on your plate when you are trying to eat dinner.
These dogs are about as useless as they come.. the only thing that they are good for is snake food.
Omg.. did you see that stupid maltese, it was so ugly I wanted to scratch my own eyes out!
by fritoburrito July 16, 2010
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The sweetest and most delisious candy ever
crispyball with a taste of honey over rolled with milk chocklate
- Yo pass me those Maltesers
by THe_RZA May 20, 2005
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Maltese can refer to either:

"The Maltese people" or "The Maltese language"

The Maltese people are ethnically a group of Southern Italians (from Sicily) who went across to the islands of Malta and settled there, but with genetic influences over time from the Spanish, French, and Greek populations.

The Maltese language is one of the languages spoken by these people. In the past, Italian was the official language of Malta, but when the English took over Malta in the 1930s, English almost completely replaced Italian in everyday speech (although television and most other media remains in Italian). However, in addition to this, the Maltese language (a mixture of Southern Italian dialects and other various mediterranean tongues) was used. In recent years, the Maltese language has rapidly began to decline, with more and more people there speaking English as the language of choice. Maltese is a "working" language of the European Union, but is not given the same status (yet) as the other languages, simply due to the shortage of people who speak it. Its status is in some ways compareable to that of Welsh in Wales, where English has gradually displaced its usage. During an average Maltese conversation, English, Italian, and Maltese will all be intermixed without a second thought. This process is known as "code-switching". In doing this, the Maltese people are being "imprinted" with English and Italian words, and are entering them into the Maltese language. In this way, the Maltese language will eventually become an Italianized form of English if current trends continue. For example, the Maltese word "Bibljoteka" (the 'j' in Maltese is pronounced as an 'i' by the way, so it's like "biblioteka") means library. However, the Maltese have joined the English word for this - Library - with an Italian ending - "eria", to form the "new Maltese" word, "Libreria", which is a combination of Italian and English. The word "Libreria" has now displaced "bibljoteka" almost completly; so much so that the younger generations often do not even realise that "bibljoteka" is a Maltese word. This trend seems to be continuing throughout much of the Maltese language. There are two main different dialects of Maltese. One is this "Italo-Anglicized" one, with italian and english influences growing every day, and is spoken by the rich or those living in urban areas. Those who live on the countryside however (not that there is much of it anymore in Malta), speak a "lesser" form of Maltese, which sounds more like some of the Eastern Mediterranean languages rather than anything else. However, this "lesser" Maltese is in decline, as the other is increasingly considered 'Standard'.
*I am Maltese
*I can speak Maltese
*The Maltese word for Maltese is "Malti"
by xXx-Tamara-xXx April 11, 2008
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Malteser means blonde on the inside brunette on the outside,

in other words a brunette that is the equivelent to a dumb blonde.

Many use this term not as an insult but as a nickname
'Oh my god she is totally a malteser'
by Holly August 16, 2004
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