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A very very very popular beer produced in Malta, a small, marvellous and European island in the Mediterranean. The Best beer in the whole wide world. That's it.
Wow, it's hot today, grab me a CISK :D (or grab me a lager, as it is better known locally)

Do you speak Maltese? yes, CISK :D
by EPIC_MALTA_FTW!!1! December 14, 2010
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Cambridge international schoo-Kurdistan is a private school that consists of middle class people in Erbil, Kurdistan.This school has Turkish soap opera or telenovela level of drama whether it being the attention whores causing it or the so called “popular kids” who you don’t even know .

You’ll love CISK one minute but hate it the next maybe it’s because it’s a devolving school. Having to deal with the staff is hit or miss. We don’t have the best management but it’s still better then most school in the city. The staff knows say replies to students in any given situation: it’s not allowed

2.because igcses

Students are either hella homophobic and racist or woke. No in between. You’ll get annoyed constantly, you’re not a student here if you hate it one minute and love it the next.

However,the school has an awesome community of people, that is if you can find them.and trust me it’s not who you initially think. Rumors and jealousy fly around this school more then you’d think . So don’t believe everything you hear. And note to cisk students: please stop pretending to like things just so you can be friends with your class bully.
“Why’d you transfer out of CISK?”
“Oh don’t even get me started”
*tranfers back a month later*
by Wackysnacky September 26, 2019
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Cambrige international school of Kurdistan also known as CISK is a k-12 private school.This school has potential to be amazing academically and socially but due to poor management this doesn’t happen. Students are either hella arrogant or super insecure no in between. The administration will use the standardized test ,IGCSEs, as an excuse for everything that can be fixed easily. Students transfer out all the time because of its hellish academics and double standards. Not to mention this school is known for ridiculous rumors, most people up till this date think that they separated boys and girls middle schoolers cause some random chick got pregnant in the janitors closet. which is not true. And for some reason guys and girls are always seen as dating even if they are just good friends. Most people transfer out then change their minds because most kids can’t even pick up 1 of the regions languages required for most schools.
A typical cisk conversation:
Karen: are you staying next year.
Kyle: yeah no where else would enroll me.
by Wackysnacky September 27, 2019
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Cîsk is a Cree work for ass
Astam otà Weent cîsk
“Come over here dirty ass
by Delista May 17, 2018
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