An online audio blog. Term invented by Adam Curry. A broadcast file which is commonly downloaded on an iPod or other MP3 hardware for mobile listening. Can also be played directly from your computer.
Their weekly podcast, Pop Goes The Culture, covered popular culture topics of the day.
by Susie Watson March 28, 2005
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Trend whore for "streaming audio."

Even more deserving of condescending laughter, I have even seen simple downloadable .mp3 files featuring opinionated human voice referred to as "podcasts."
Sheep1: hay guys check out my podcast. I made it last night, it's my thoughts on animal husbandry and the geopolitical issues that surround it!!
Person1: *Downloads an .mp3 file*
by FooberFoober September 15, 2005
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Another example of apple trying to brand everything with their name.

It's a fucking MP3. Nothing more.
I call MP3s podcasts because it's cool to like apple and I have no mind of my own
by GuyK November 18, 2005
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Broadcasting targeted for an iPod or other portable media device by creating audio files for copying or pushed distribution. Podcast is both a noun and a verb.
Jefferson enjoys listening to technical articles now that he loads his iPod with podcast files every morning.
by Jefferson March 27, 2005
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Short for: Personal On Demand broadCast are audio files you can download into any MP3 player or computer. These audio files are broadcasted over the Internet automatically to subscribers of specific podcast channels.
Anyone can have a podcast now.
by Jim Eller January 5, 2006
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An online audio blog, made by people who typically sound like slightly camp nerds who most likely have no lives. It's pretty difficult to listen to one for more than about 5 minutes without laughing at them and then turning it off.
person 1: hey, did you listen to that podcast?
person 2: yeh, what a nerd. I felt bad for him making such a fool of himself while listening to it.
by MKHH July 9, 2005
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Two or more friends talking to each other, audience optional.
John: "Hey, my crush just dumped me."
Angelo: "That's rough. Wanna have a podcast?"
by milkbread August 25, 2020
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