A soap opera, of Spanish or Latin American origin. Famed for having strange plots, even for soap operas, and some of the worst offenses of overacting ever.
"Fernando, mi amigo! Y Maria, mi mujer! En el cuchi-cuchi! PORQUE, MARIA?!"
"Porque Fernando es muy grande! Y tu eres chiquito!"
by kikanjuuneko January 27, 2005
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1: A Spanish Soap Opera

2: A word to use when some is being so overdramatic
“Hey did you see Maria’s trantrum earlier?”
“Yeah she was being so telenovela
by YeahImNotOnFire September 20, 2017
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Where all ties are dramatically, definitively and even threateningly cut, leaving the receiving party not only with no hope of reversal or reconciliation, but causing them to question their most basic beliefs about the closeness of the former relationship and their own sense of reality within it.

Often neatly reconciled by audacious deus ex machina.
M: "Hey, is it cool if we talk when you get back from Mexico?"
L: "I guess so...after all, I haven’t telenovela banished you yet"
by channel_panel November 27, 2019
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