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The ideology that circles are the superior shape. It is the belief that life and objects should be well rounded as all things should be. It is the complete opposite of Cornerism, as it believes all corners should be cut off.
"I believe in Circularism"

"Shut up Harry, today we are learning about the great Circularism"
by Sir Curvalot November 01, 2018
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According Triangular scriptures, the willful bretrayal of Triangulist principles. Circularists often refer to the Circle as a liberator from the tyranny of the Triangle. However, it is a lie. For he only wishes to subdue the circularist by giving him false hope that he is a liberator. The Circle only wishes to make all his followers servants to him under oppressive rule.

The triangle doesn't condemn. It sends all who wish to be with the Circle to the Circular kingdom. However, once there, they will be slaves for the Circle for all eternity. And they will have jagged copper rods shoved up their sphincter for the circle's amusement.
by Mextazectaces-prophet June 28, 2005
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A system of beliefs that advocates for the supremacy of one's friendgroup (read: their CIRCLE of friends) above all others. Often involving complex schemes and especially esoteric language & terms. Generally encourages "networking" to assimilate useful persons into the Circle. Can seem cult-like to outsiders but in truth is mostly harmless. Mostly.
...but you can't hack the elections if there were no elections in the first place.
This is why Circularism is the supreme ideology.
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by Circle Man November 09, 2018
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