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The remittance of a smoked cigarette. The filter and white paper below the line unless you fiend and smoke it to the filter
Yuck that's gross, Davey's yard is full of cigarette butts that people threw off the porch
by CloudyClick February 25, 2011
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a group of high schoolers who spend all lunch smoking and coolin usually referred to as cluckers
man you see them kids smoking on school grounds?

yeahh there just a bunch of cigarette butts
by clucker420 April 14, 2017
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When you put out your, still very hot, but used cigarette in your partner's anal cavity.
Jeff: You know you should really try smoking while you have sex?
Joe: Why?
Jeff: After you finish you can giver her a Cigarette butt.
Joe: What the fuck is a Cigarette butt...
by Toilet Nut April 16, 2017
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