To be belligerently up at arms, ready or eager to fight, violently protective.

This expression originates from the southern United States where it is common for houses to have porches. To be "off the porch" means to be in your yard and looking for a fight with any and all tresspassers.
We off the porch ... that means if you walk in our yard, we gon' beat yo ass so bad yo momma won't recognize ya.
-Killa Mike
by enbob89 May 22, 2006
When you bussed ya GUN on some niggaz, when you first hit a lick or caught a body with your bro’s or when u was alone.
I was 14 when I first hopped off the porch getting money, while you niggas was still in school begging your parents for money.
by Hopped off the porch March 1, 2020
The day your innocence was lost, when you started conducting yourself as an adult. The point in time when you go from child, to adult. More examples would be having sex, getting high, and breaking the law. Popped your cherry.
I was 14 years old the day I hopped off the porch. That was the first time I smashed a hoe.
by FL_MEX_FTW March 25, 2021
When someone is always getting a joke late or last person to realize that something is going on or has just happened.
When you tell a joke to a group of people and even though the person was sitting right there with you, they ask "wait what's so funny, tell me". You should say, man you are always off the porch late!
by broadstreetbully March 23, 2011
When someone tries to come for you and or take control of something and you have to correct them.
Susan: I don't like what you're wearing. That scarf doesn't match the shirt.
Jackie: Get off my porch Susan, nobody asked you.
by D.C. Proactive Vandal November 13, 2017