The remittance of a smoked cigarette. The filter and white paper below the line unless you fiend and smoke it to the filter
Yuck that's gross, Davey's yard is full of cigarette butts that people threw off the porch
by CloudyClick February 26, 2011
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a group of friends who all smoke cigarettes almost all the way down to the butt. and just mess around and cause trouble
man 1: did you see them kids go out to the parking lot

man 2: yeah that's the cigarette butts. they always do that shit
by clucker420 May 6, 2017
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Person who smells like a wet ash tray, has brown stained teeth and a raspy smoker's voice.
Lynn has not been able to get a job because she looks like a human cigarette butt.
by The #1 Joker October 7, 2012
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When you put out your, still very hot, but used cigarette in your partner's anal cavity.
Jeff: You know you should really try smoking while you have sex?
Joe: Why?
Jeff: After you finish you can giver her a Cigarette butt.
Joe: What the fuck is a Cigarette butt...
by Toilet Nut April 17, 2017
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a group of high schoolers who spend all lunch smoking and coolin usually referred to as cluckers
man you see them kids smoking on school grounds?

yeahh there just a bunch of cigarette butts
by clucker420 March 14, 2017
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Hey super ratchet trapped out meth smoking female from Antioch California. Who will trade sexual favors for a bag of meth.
Look at her she looks like a super soggy cigarette butt ass bitch she probably trade sexual favors for bags of Meth
by Joe dangler May 24, 2020
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An activity homeless people are usually seen doing in carparks or in town as a source of tobacco.
I was in town and observed a person of no fixed address picking up cigarette butts, they then broke these up, discarded the filter and paper, then placed the tobacco in a tobacco bag. I later saw this person rolling up cigarettes from this source of scavenged tobacco.
by J-Jim August 12, 2019
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