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Like purring, chuttering happens when a guinea pig is relaxed, happy or content. Sometimes, while you’re petting your them, you may hear them purr with some chuts in-between. However, some guinea pigs go their whole lives only purring when they feel these happy emotions.
Doodle the guinea pig chuttered when he was fed carrots.
by sonsOfAnarchy August 28, 2015
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Onomatopoeic expression for the sound the expulsion of gas, from the anus, through a pair of sweaty buttocks would make.
"Somebody chutterd in the sauna at gym tonight!"
by derek January 17, 2005
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He who takes it up the poop hole and holds hands under the toilet traps. He also takes simultaneous dumps.
Geoff is a chutters, is it time for stones?
by Pickle T July 21, 2006
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To steal road signs or election signs or in some cases to vandalize. the word was developed from stealing election campaign signs of Dave Chutter.
check out this stop sign i chuttered from the corner of 6th and main.
by spect November 07, 2006
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