A big orange and black striped liony thing with sharp claws and rather a nasty bite. They don't usually eat men but that's only because they don't usually get the chance. Obviously, if you live near a tiger it may consider eating you. Basically, what I am saying is - the further away you live from a tiger, the less chance you have of getting eaten by one. I live in Selhurst in South London and NOBODY here has been eaten by a tiger since 1922 and I'm not even sure that it was a real tiger then (although I suppose if it ate someone it must have been a large carnivore so it may as well have been a tiger as anything else). Perhaps it was some sort of mock-tiger. Or maybe a stripey bear or something. I don't know, I wasn't even born then and you know what old people are like... The whole thing is probably a tissue of lies from start to finish. Anyway, thats sort of what a tiger is. So thats cleared that up then. Actually, I don't know why I bothered. I've never met a single person who didn't have some idea of what a tiger was so it seems a bit pointless describing one. I don't really think that the purpose of urban dictionary is to define the bleeding obvious. It really seems to be a forum for 'street' types to say things like "Yo!" and "Your mutherfucking sister's a ho!" and "Janice is such a slut" etc. Even such people as this probably know what a tiger is.
" I say George, your hand looks sore."
" Yeah, a tiger bit me. It's true, honest, go on, hit me in the stomach!"


"Mary, you'll never get anywhere in life by just lying around without a head, you know."
"Gurgle gurgle gurgle"
(Translation: "This is true mother, but as a tiger has bitten off my head and eaten it, I'm afraid I have no choice. In fact, that is the very reason why I'm finding it a little difficult to communicate with you at the moment and so I shall stop forthwith. Goodbye for ever")
by Bob Sometimes April 29, 2005
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Meagan wishes she was as Tigerous as Cody!
by The God of Bingo October 16, 2011
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A male sun bathes naked with a flaccid penis. When he receives an erection later, there are paler stripes on the penis that gives an illusion of a tiger. (Spray tan for optimum results.)
B-Weav stroked The Tiger yesterday.
by The Tigermaster September 10, 2008
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when a guy or girl is grrrreat in bed.
used as a sexual pet name.
When turned on, a guy or girl can say to the other...."Heeey tiger"

"You were a tiger in bed last night"
by sex kitten April 29, 2005
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1. Tiger is a word said condescendingly by someone at least 1 year older than someone else, often but not exclusively by a retiree to a teenager. It makes fun of the younger person's energetic, unlearned, immature, vicious, aggresive, dynamic persona.
2. A good friend.
3. An Acquaintance.
1. "Easy there, Tiger."
2. "Yo Tiger! Whattup?"
3. "Hey Tiger. Long time, no see."
by Diego August 14, 2003
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Knowing that your girlfriend is snooping around on you, checking your cellphone, Facebook, MySpace, e-mail, etc. to find any sign that you might be unfaithful/cheating on her (whether true or otherwise).
I caught my girlfriend hacking in to my Facebook account and looking at "Photos of Me", I totally got Tigered.
by sdooW regiT December 12, 2009
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An extremely hot guy who is an awesome listener, companion, and very rare.Someone who is very extroverted towards friends but not so much towards crushes. Someone who waits for the other person to make the first move. Someone who sees more then just what is seen whith the naked eye.
Wow , i love tiger.
Friend: then go make your move
by Anonymous@youdontknow August 30, 2017
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