Came straight from the Burger King Foot Lettuce meme, Foot Chungus is the worst disease you could catch besides ligma and sugma. A rare disease only caught when you eat Burger King foot lettuce, or if you disrespect papi big chungus.
Man 1: Damn, big chungus is such a wack meme, and it's dead.
Man 2: Yo, you better watch out, because big chungus will clap your cheeks, and you'll get foot chungus.
Man 1: Jesus Christ bro, I don't want foot chungus. Thanks for the enlightening.
by thanus' hot bootyhole February 25, 2019
Big Chungus is the greatest game know to man currently it is only available on ps4, dispite the fact I am loyal to Xbox I couldn’t help but buy a ps4 for it I have found a review from a Redditor (u/HereToStealYourMeme) that I think captures the greatness of this game I sadly can’t put the whole review here but if you search him up you should read the reviews

Response to review: I agree to evrything except the rating Big Chungus is so great it can’t just be called a 10/10 there’s no number big enough to represent Big Chungus not even infinity.
Friend: what’s your favorite game

You: Big Chungus obviously
by AceClaw December 18, 2018
humongous chungus
he put his humongous chungus up my bungus
by gibbyfish January 3, 2019
Big Chungus is a figure among figures. Consider him a God among Gods. His mere presence distorts reality. All of this composed out of a singular PS4 game. Big Chungus revolutionized the gaming industry and shaped the world to what we know and love today.
Big Chungus is the best video game anyone could ever play.
by BeefShack December 23, 2018
The man you always have to worry about, whether it's getting robbed by him directly, or being robbed of your love. Big Chungus has a 2 foot long penis in which he splits mortals in half with.
Who would win in a fight? Big Chungus or Achmed Obunga?
by Grottooftime March 9, 2018
sonic: if you dont laugh at any of these i will find you
sonic: joe chungus
by not so big brain February 10, 2021