Chungus is a bug fat bunny who lives underground and eats carrots 24/7
Chungus is thicc As fuck
by ChronicToast21 January 12, 2019
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A fat version of buggs bunny widely used over forms of social media
by 123890567 January 7, 2019
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This one time I was walking to my friend's house and I saw a group of feminists protesting and as I walked by them I accidentally breathed! But for some reason, I wasn't accused of sexual assault, and I thought to myself, "holy shit man, I must be chungus." Well, soon I did get in trouble, the police just came late. So I'm not chungus and I have court tomorrow yipee. And the jury is all women so Im fucked.
by yeetskrtdabgay January 7, 2019
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a guy who fortnite dances on his mother's grave while crying and asking if he should play sicko mode or mo bamba
Before we die, cry out to your god and make peace.
Dear Chungus hear my prayer save us!
by owo big wee wee gay lord December 28, 2018
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