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When a girl menstruates in the pool, lake or any body of water.
Dude #1 " What the fuck is that red shit in the Pool?"
Dude#2 " Oh some chick is on the rag."
Dude#1 " Get her the fuck out! That Chum Bucket might attract a Shark!"
by will bitten July 23, 2017
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The restaurant that Spongebob Squarepants "villain" Plankton owns/works in. It is the business rival of the Krusty Krab, and has no customers.
Anyone ever notice Chum Bucket sounds a lot like Cum Bucket?
by My Name August 21, 2006
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The premier thief, troll, and all round good time guy on the Ultima Online T2A freeshard. Known for his love of adventure, his honest dealings in legally obtained goods, and his well-loved battlecry of "I R NEW GLD PLS".
chumbucket is an upstanding member of the UO community.
by raptorjesus712 July 08, 2009
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A bucket of chum (random fish/animal parts used to attract game).
"Arrrrr! Ye best be talkin' like a pirate today or ye be covered with a chum bucket full o' whale blubber."
by SMASCH December 31, 2006
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An unkempt, unhygienic, malodorous, greasy, sludgy vagina. Chumbucket may also refer to a female with such a vagina, who is often an overweight and/or unsightly slob of a woman, often with the appearance of being pregnant. A chumbucket is known to secrete chum.
I can't believe he stuck it in that chumbucket... and she left a stain on the carpet.
by McCallister January 12, 2008
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A popular rock band in the TV Family channel series "The Weekenders" known for their random and unpronounceable lyrics.
"Safused Elephant Quaft Exsasperator is my favorite Chum Bucket song!" yelled Tino.
by Tyler Macks April 16, 2008
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