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The most inclusive group of friends. From shunned misfits to socially loved, and everything in between. Originated by the 5 most unlikely friends, The Weekenders are notorious for their spontaneous nature, love for love, and oblivious mindset towards conformity.
"Hey, define The Weekenders!"

"We are kind of like the Big Bang. You know, randomly spontaneousy coming together by chance and going KABOOM into awesomeness and not even knowing the greatness that had just been created and would slowly continue to make a beautiful thing.

That's what popped into my head. Idk, we're spontaneous, completely crazy, unique, complete opposites.. but somehow fitting together really well. Like.. any other mix just wouldn't work. It's because we would seemingly not work, makes us work."
by The Weekenders December 01, 2010
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