A penis, usually wider than long.
Or it can be a name you call someone
For all the people who dont like saying choad.
That kid i just had sex with had a chud.
Billy is such a chud.
by Stefan doesnt have a chud November 19, 2009
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Gypsy: GOT ANY CHUDS, MUSH??!!!!!!
Skank: Nah I Aint!
by DOODE September 19, 2003
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Possibly the world's most fascinating creature. Chud is an individual with a well cultivated imagination and powerful mind. ultimately, his name is short for Richard.
Noff: "Hey Chud"
by Andy June 30, 2003
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A unattractive person whose defining characteristic of their personality is their egotism. Most often used to describe typically one-dimensional preps, chauches, or the like. It's hard to describe what a Chud is. It's usually better to just, point one out.
The chuds all stood around talking about how great they are, with their hollister clothes and their jock jerseys, when in reality their ego's were so big, they couldn't fit through the door.
by Nikki B! December 27, 2007
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A penis which is wider than it is long. Can also be used to describe a subject that is particularly weird/grotesque/"chuddish". Much to popular error, it is pronounced "Chudd", and not the alternative "Chode", which is completely incorrect. Words can also be added to the end of it, to create a new word which shows great literature and lingual skills.
Man: Did you hear about that Berty guy?
Friend: Yup, complete chud!

Man: Awh man that dog is a complete chud!
Friend: Yeh, more like a "Chud-dog"

Man: You see that movie "The Water Horse"?
Friend: What the one about the giant chud?

Berty:........what's a chud?
by Simon Alnaimi February 22, 2008
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