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Chud stands for - Christian Homeschooled Uneducated Dummy. Chud is a member of the alt-right political movement group, who also happens to be a religious christian. Chuds are absolutely obsessed with preaching flat earth and jesus... because it says so in their bible. Chud is also a type of person who will do anything to convince the gullible with flat earth conspiracy theory. When challenged Chud splutters and fumes and repeats himself. "NASA lies" "Wer teh viktims!" "Fuck you's all!"
Friend: Why chuds believe that the Earth is flat?
Me: Because they're obsessed with the bible, and they also like conspiracy theories. It makes them feel like they are smart.
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by Nozei April 10, 2019
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Chud is an insult frequently used, by leftists, to deride members of the Alt-right or other right wing groups. The word has been used as a sarcastic derision for decades, but has only attained the political slant fairly recently.
Antifa: Look at those Proud Boys over there.
Other Antifa: What a bunch of fuckin' chuds.
by ButterKnifeLife September 16, 2018
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It means Canibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller and originates from the 1984 film C.H.U.D. But is now used to describe ugly stupid people. Most notably in the Kevin Smith film Clerks 2(2006). The phrase is mostly used in America but is now starting to become popular in the UK.
Jamie: Why don't girls like me?
Scott: Because you're a fucking chud!

Mother: Nurse when can i see my baby?
Nurse: Are you sure you want to?
Mother: yes of course! why?
Nurse: well because your baby is so fucking ugly. It must take after you. You chud.

by Glynn Thomas April 06, 2008
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1.Acronym for "Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller"

2.The most dazzlingly significant piece of cinematic history.
"Stick that bitch down the sewer hole with the rest of the C.H.U.D.'s!"
by Dark Klown XXX October 19, 2006
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Used to describe someone who is repulsively unattractive. Alternately, someone who is amateurish or unsuccessful in any given field.

Origin: Acronym for Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller. Originally from the 1984 horror film C.H.U.D. Further popularized by the 2006 Kevin Smith comedic film Clerks II in which the term was used as an intensifier to describe someone's unattractiveness (e.g. You ugly chud!).
Damn! There are some ugly chuds at this party!
Way to fail that exam. You're such a chud.
What are these losers doing? It's like chudsville U.S.A. in here.
by Chudski February 22, 2010
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a defecation of at least medium width and length with a meaty apperance; very firm, with little flexibility;

Also known as a "ass stretcher"
And then he walks into the boys room and sees a big meaty chud staring him in the face.
by Ocho November 18, 2006
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