A penis which is wider than it is long. Can also be used to describe a subject that is particularly weird/grotesque/"chuddish". Much to popular error, it is pronounced "Chudd", and not the alternative "Chode", which is completely incorrect. Words can also be added to the end of it, to create a new word which shows great literature and lingual skills.
Man: Did you hear about that Berty guy?
Friend: Yup, complete chud!

Man: Awh man that dog is a complete chud!
Friend: Yeh, more like a "Chud-dog"

Man: You see that movie "The Water Horse"?
Friend: What the one about the giant chud?

Berty:........what's a chud?
by Simon Alnaimi February 22, 2008
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(Chud) Any crude liquid or creamy based substance released from the body.
"Man, you sick! You about to chud?"

"I left some major chud in your toilet."

"You dick! You blasted me with chud!"
by Trevor Anderson January 18, 2005
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An erect penis that has had all pubic hair shaved from around it (including scrotum). Normally achieved with an electric shaver as opposed to a manual razor, to give a stubbly feel.

Male equivalent of minge
a) After I shaved my cock, she thrust that chud into her mouth.

b) She chomped my chud all night!
by elsmeghead February 09, 2011
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A person that constantly disappoints friends and family.

Such as being late for their own party, never being able to be contacted when needed and forgetting important events.

Other characteristics of a chud, include, but is not limited to trying to act kawaii and consistently fails at their attempts to do anything.
I can't believe that chud is late for his own party.
Dude, did you see that chud randomly blurt out stuff during class.
by Kiddwarrior June 14, 2014
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Someone who refers to themselves as a chad non-ironically usually they have self esteem issues and are trying to overcompensate
Guy 1: Did you hear that guy called himself a Chad infront of all the girls earlier
Guy 2: Wow what a Chud
by Ryulightorb April 07, 2020
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The opposite of a chad, they are unable to get women.
You are a chud if you have never dated a girl.
by MeNadi3 February 29, 2020
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