A penis which is wider than it is long. Can also be used to describe a subject that is particularly weird/grotesque/"chuddish". Much to popular error, it is pronounced "Chudd", and not the alternative "Chode", which is completely incorrect. Words can also be added to the end of it, to create a new word which shows great literature and lingual skills.
Man: Did you hear about that Berty guy?
Friend: Yup, complete chud!

Man: Awh man that dog is a complete chud!
Friend: Yeh, more like a "Chud-dog"

Man: You see that movie "The Water Horse"?
Friend: What the one about the giant chud?

Berty:........what's a chud?
by Simon Alnaimi February 22, 2008
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Go to insult of trust fund commies when losing debates. Often listeners of the wealthy hypocrites of Chapo Trap House.
Anyone who has a grasp on history: Communism is a deplorable ideology that has killed millions of innocent people and continues to this day

Commie brainlet: That's just CIA propaganda, Chud!
by Capitilismsaveslives December 13, 2018
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A common term for anyone who is extremely unprofessional and sleazy. A shady character with a worthless personality. Characterized by drug and alcohol use, extensive criminal record, lying, cheating, and being a registered nurse. Often used in conjunction with the word "donkey."
This nurse is such a donkey, she just got fired for swearing at a 5 year old patient and stealing 10 grand in hospital meds on her first day of work. What a chud.
by Shiny Johnson October 03, 2007
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A mediocre looking girl who's overweight and has small tits.

Men who date and/or fornicate with these types of women are appropriately re-named "Chudley" (addressed as "Chudley" but referred to as THE CHUD) to identify them as a guy who fucks chuds.
You couldn't pay me enough money to fuck that chud; she's a pig!

Hey chudley, that chick's right up your alley - fat body, small tits. Go get her!

Friend 1: What happened to that fat pig at the party the other day; she was drunk out of her mind!

Friend 2: Oh, her? What do you think happened? She was taken down by THE CHUD.

Friend 1: Fucken Chudley. He loves those small tittied pigs.
by CGizzo February 16, 2009
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All the shitty bait in a holding tank combined
Fisher 1: dude what the fuck is that in the holding tank
Fisher 2: bro I dont even know it's like 5 different types of bait
Fisher 1: o you mean chud?
Fisher 2: ya dude, why is there a buttplug in there?
by Jimbean69 June 06, 2019
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