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A word that can be used to describe anything that is good looking. Variations on the word include Joufing, which is to cruise for girls and Joufage which is used to describe an attractive group of girls.
Matt: Glynn man did you see that girl? she was seriously Joufe.

Jamie: Hey Matt last night i went out joufing. But none of them payed me any attention.
Matt: Thats because no joufe girl in her right mind would would get on you. You're a complete fannyface. Plus no joufe girl would touch a person who won the Mr Bean look-alike contest three years in a row.
by Glynn Thomas April 05, 2008
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It means Canibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller and originates from the 1984 film C.H.U.D. But is now used to describe ugly stupid people. Most notably in the Kevin Smith film Clerks 2(2006). The phrase is mostly used in America but is now starting to become popular in the UK.
Jamie: Why don't girls like me?
Scott: Because you're a fucking chud!

Mother: Nurse when can i see my baby?
Nurse: Are you sure you want to?
Mother: yes of course! why?
Nurse: well because your baby is so fucking ugly. It must take after you. You chud.

by Glynn Thomas April 06, 2008
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School is a place where the human spirit is crushed all in the name of education. It also acts as a factory for the next generation of obedient workers so that the Government can steal even more of your money. Once you get into year eleven you start to notice the structure of things. Prefects represent your future bosses, the people who will hold power over you when you enter the work place. They are not there to stop you from doing bad things because they have no actual powers over you. No their purpose is to give you an idea of the future and nothing else.

You don't have to have an actual knowledge of the world to succeed in school, all you need is what the teachers put in front of you. This is all used in order for you to do well in the next round of standardised test bullshit. Why? you ask. The answer is simple good grades lead to you getting jobs of course. School serves to create a load of mindless fork and spoon operators.

To make you think you have a say they set up a Student Council. You vote who you want in and hope they will help you in some way. I once asked a teacher what they acheived and she said " Oh they've done a lot. They got mirrors put in the toilets and made some lovely flower hanging baskets for the school". Now in what way is that beneficial to my education or the improvement of my school life? The answer is it wasn't. The Student Council is there to make you think you have a say. The truth is kids you fucking don't, never have and never will get used to it because it is the same with the Government. This is again the School giving you an idea of the future.

Critical thinking will never be taught or allowed in School because if it was the whole structure would be in danger. The media helps to dumb kids down so instead of asking questions they watch Big Brother and any other shit that happens to be on. The kids are getting dumber and I blame a large amount of this on School. Insead of producing intelligent well rounded people they produce unquestioning fuckwits. What can be done about this? The answer is nothing unless people start to develop the power of critical thought. Will that happen? Not a fucking chance the damage has been done.
Me: Why don't you teach us something useful for a change?

Teacher: Get out of my Classroom!

Student: School is a place for brainwashing

Teacher: Oh don't listen to him listen to us!
by Glynn Thomas August 07, 2008
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1. A person who constantly makes terrible mistakes or choices which lead to faliure.

2. A person who smears shit all over their own face and then kisses their girlfriend or boyfriend while they are sleeping.
Scott: Jamie man why did you do that? your such a doo doo face.

Elly: ewwwwww whats that on my face. Is it turd?
(turns around and looks at Jamie)
Jamie: Errr errr. Ok! it was me.
Elly: But what is it?
Jamie: Its.... its my poop.
Liam: HA HA! you totally got doo doo faced.
by Glynn Thomas April 04, 2008
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A person who screws up everything that they do.
If you are stuck working with this person they will screw up all that hard work you have put in. But because this person is a fucktard they will get away with it and all blame is pushed on to you.
Dale: Jamie you've shit all over our hard work you fucktard!
Jamie Simms: I'm sorry I cant help it Dale i'm incontinant aswell as being a fucktard.
Mrs Macinally: Dale why are you shouting at Jamie again? you know he's a fucktard. Oh god and you've crapped on all your hard work. for god sake Dale!
by Glynn Thomas April 04, 2008
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A brilliant word with many uses. It can mean calm down, anger and liven up. But these are only a few of its meanings. Variations include Jashing and Jashed.
John: FUCK! I can't fucking beleive this shit.
Steve: Man.... jash down

Cris: My girlfriend farted so I punched her in the face.
Troy: Its ok man we all need to jash out sometime.

Gary: Did you go to that party the other night?
Joel: Yeah I did and i must say you really know how jash it up.
by Glynn Thomas April 06, 2008
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