"He's rollin the blue high top chucks."
by jdub December 11, 2002
A shoe by converse developed in 1923 by chuck taylor
I just got a pair of red chucks today from journey's
by cubnblkghel(editor) June 8, 2005
A pretty sick pair of shoes. Chucks comes from the maker Chuck Taylor. Pretty sturdy and can be worn for about a good year if worn daily. Comes in many colors and designs (stars, drawings, plaid, etc). Personally, if wanting to draw on the rubber, get a pair with white rubber. Black never comes out good unless you have a silver sharpie or whiteout.
I own a pair of plaid chucks which are pretty sick
by names are stupid anyways February 1, 2007
the original sneaker that was brought back by nike.
all types of people wear them and it pisses me of when people on here are going to argue who wore them first or whos cool and whos not for wearing them. i bought my first pair 4 years ago and rock em to this day. different types of people rock em differently. in my opinion, mine represent who i am. theyre comfortable and a mess with holes and dirt. theyve been through two warped tours and countless shows. signed by bands and friends, have lyrics and laces that i like. i think chucks are the perfect shoe to represent who you are because they dont have to be perfect. i think theyre better all beat up. my only stigma with them is when people wear fake ones from payless or something. the name chuck taylor has a history to it and a representation. i think when you buy a pair at kmart for 12 dollars, thats when youre just trying to look cool but scootin around reppin real converses (my little cousin bought a pair of fake ones n i had to buy her real ones)..though ill rock a fake chanel bag in a heart beat. the point is chucks represent you. for some people theyre a lifestyle. i know a lot of people that won't even throw them out once theyre beat to hell. thats like sacrelig. ya gotta bury em. but when it comes down to it. who cares. theyre just awesome shoes.
-those are cute chucks
--yeah i like the laces.
-no, i lied. theyre fake.
by allie crack November 28, 2006
Guy #1: Oh my god man, that girl was trying to suck my chucks the whole party and I was like chill.

Guy #2:Your poor chucks...

Angry Patron: Suck my chucks motherfucker
by Madame Pimpstress October 22, 2011
old school style chuck taylor shoes which used to be cool but now are trendy and owned by nike.
look, it's an entire high school wearing chucks...how sad.
by Teh Whore September 9, 2003
An amazing shoe brand. Anyone can wear them, it doesn't matter. People who call other people posers for wearing them are just ignorant.
But one thing I absolutely hate is when black people (no offense!!!) go apeshit on someone who accidentally steps on their "fresh" chucks. But that's just me. I personally like mine worn out and beat up. They're just better that way. lol.
Random Kid: *Steps on someone's chucks by accident*
Another Random Kid: "Calm the fuck down.. They're chucks, who fucking cares? They're meant to get dirty.."

Again, no offense. lol.
by tm329 November 20, 2007