Pants that make anyone look like they have an ass.
"Damn when did Jillian get an ass".
"She doesn't, its just the yoga pants".
by Effing Dbag October 3, 2010
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That thing white girls use to make their ass bigger.

claim to be "comfortable" by millions of girls
Rarely, RARELY used for yoga

Sometimes see-through (lululemon)
GIRLS: "I wear Yoga Pants all the time They're sooooooooo comfortable!!!!!"
REALITY: "I'm a girl and even though I never worked out in my entire fucking life, I wear yoga pants to show off my ass to horny men and complain when 500 guys stare at me. being an attention whore is sooooo funnnn"
by Cluero May 24, 2015
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sexy for even the flattest girls until boys think its too much material and you're exposed
BOY: send a pic of your ass 🤤🤤
GIRL: *takes a photo of booty in yoga pants*

BOY: Nice booty but I dont like the pants... they cover too much...
by daddydaddyshowmesomelove October 24, 2018
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greatest invention ever made. if used properly on the right girls,ass becomes a magnet to the eyes of every straight man alive.
guy:holy shit look at that ass!

guy2:i know,yoga pants are amazing.
by 233413 April 30, 2011
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n: Extremely tight sweatants worn by girls to flaunt their ass, no matter if its nice or extremely large and rumply. Said to be popular because they are "comfertable", but really its just a school appropriate way for Jr. High girls to let boys see their bum without putting forth much effort at all.

Rarely used for the actual purpose of yoga.
Boy: Hey, I noticed you are wearing yoga pants today

Girl: hehe, yeah! They are like, sooooo comfertable! Do you like them?

Boy: YES! I did enjoy the delightful view of those bongos you are smuggling. Actually, i like them so much I just jizzed in my pants a little. Please excuse me.
by alphabuttsoup April 11, 2011
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What god created on the 8th day.
"and on the 8th day god created yoga pants"
by TakeEmALL October 23, 2011
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My girlfriend wore yoga pants today. I was excessively attracted to her and constantly wanted to touch her.
by nilethe146 June 20, 2016
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