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(n) 1. an alcoholic beverage consisting of vodka, rum (usually dark), and orange juice. Essentially a screwdriver with rum. Named for the brass-like color the dark rum and OJ create when mixed.
2. an alcoholic beverage consisting of malt liquor (usually 8 Ball or St. Ides) and Sunny Delight.
3. a 40 oz bottle of booze
4. a dance one can only do when drunk out of his mind.
5. a penis; a dick or schlong
6. An expression used to mean cold or chilly weather.
1. "Monkey tastes def when you pour it on ice
Come on y'all it's time to get nice" - The Beastie Boys, "Brass Monkey"
2. "Cause I drink it anytime - and anyplace
When it's time to get ill - I pour it on my face" - The Beastie Boys
3. I'm going to get some o' dat brass monkey down on Crenshaw, J ...you wanna come?
4. "I got gold, I got funky
I got the new dance they call the Brass Monkey"- "Slow Ride", Beastie Boys
5. Damn, she was all up on my brass monkey.
6. It's cold enough to freeze a brass monkey's balls OR It's colder than a brass monkey's ass.

by Jam Master J March 10, 2006
v. to drive a car at highspeeds while high on marijuana (see hydro)originated as a play on the words hydro, or marijuana, and hydroplane
n. (1) a type of DJ scratch
(2) a vehicle that can drive on land and water. Or something.
v. "It's the kinda high that got me leaning, 120 mph speeding, (that's) the meaning of a hydroplane." - NERD ft. Malice from Clipse in "Am I High"

n. (1)"Yo, did you hear that hydroplane while the DJ was cutting it?"
(2) "Oh goody, I get to drive my father's hydroplane today! I'm cool!"
by Jam Master J April 15, 2005
Often called "The Dungeon" or "The Dungeons" n. The underground of hip hop; the lesser known, alternative side of hip hop in which many rap artist begin their careers.
"Straight out the fuckin' Dungeons of rap, where fake niggas don't make it back" - NaS, "N.Y. State of Mind"

"It's that nigga down in the Dungeon with them playeristic hits" "Ain't no thang but a chicken wing, we havin a smoke down in the Dungeon with the Mary Jane" - OutKast "Ain't No Thang"
by Jam Master J March 28, 2006
V. (1) to sell illegal contraband for money, especially drugs.
(2) to make money, either legally or illegally
(3) to work hard
(4) when a women dances with her back to a man and her ass in his crotch, as to simulate doggystyle sex
(5)To wear clothing or jewelery bought with drug money
(6) to slide on a skateboard, usually downwards, on top of a rail or ledge while balancing one's weight.
(1)"Grindin', grindin', you know what I keep in line" -Clipse ft. Pharrell "Grindin'"
(2)"Man, I'm like the 20th person to quote Clipse in their grindin' definition."
(3)"I'm probably the only black man in my neighborhood who's grindin. I'm probably also the only black man on this website."
(4) "Man, that girl was grindin wit me so hard, my dick almost burst through my drawers."
(5) "Nigga, get your grindin' ass out of my house"
(6)"He was just grindin in the park a second ago."
by Jam Master J April 15, 2005
n. a critically acclaimed cult-status band that mixes hardcore with smooth melodies. Band members, especially frontman Chino Moreno, have a great love for classic alternative, like the Smiths, the Cure, Depeche Mode, and My Bloody Valentine. The band also has some minor influences from the awesome all-black DC hardcore band Bad Brains.
The Deftones are not really overrated, but rather underrated, as they often get clumped in with nu-metal bands and lesser-talented rock groups like Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and Korn, despite the fact that the Deftones are nothing like these bands.(The deftones have had one or two rap-metal songs, but these were made way before the crappy band Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit were even on the scene, and without the Deftones, those bands wouldn't even be around)They may be a template for that horrible band Linkin Park, but if that's true, then the band Linkin Park simply wants to be as talented as the Deftones, and if so, they have not succeeded, because they sound like nu-metal crap and nothing like the Deftones. The Deftones are in a genre of their own. No current band has anything on them.
The Deftones are the shit, you can't touch em
by Jam Master J April 15, 2005
1) The act of squating like a girl pissing in the game Halo on XBOX

2) The act of standing over an exit from a portal on Halo and sniping with a rocket launcher

3) What nick accidentally said instead of Ghost
1) If I goach, I bet he won't see me

2) He's got the flag, I'm gunna goach and cut him off.

3) Oh shit! He took the goach from our base. ROFL! I said goach, I mean ghost.. Ghost
by Jam Master J February 21, 2004
n. the blonde whiteboy playa from Saved By The Bell. That dude was crazy!
v. I guess it means a type of 80's guitar solo, according to the cat above me. Either or random term, or derived from the fact the Saved by the Bell was around in the 80s and early 90's
by Jam Master J April 15, 2005