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A beautiful, smart, outgoing girl. Evangelina is the funniest, caring girl that you'll ever meet. She can get mad at you from time to time but you can never stay mad at her. She is just amazing and cute. Most guys will fall for her and try something with her but she'll deny the fact that someone wants her. Evangelina will usually fall for someone that loves their family.
James: I just fall for Evangelina more and more each day man!

Adam: I know man, she's beautiful and I love talking to her.
by xxemleexx February 19, 2015
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The most amazing person. She's always there for you and is really smart. You can never find anyone like her. She does break down at times from all the weight she carries, but she stands strong for others. She's really really nice and popular though she won't admit it. Very talented in music especially piano. Too good at persuasion and boys practically kiss the ground she walks on.
I wish I were like Evangelina.
by Shakalakadingdong January 27, 2014
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Evangelia is an amazing person. She is so kind, mature and friendly. To come across an Evangelina you are very lucky and should treasure her as much as you can. She also has a great trendy taste in fashion. She is up to date with all trends.
Evangelina is an amazing friend.
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Someone who loves avocados way too much, walks barefoot 99% of her existence, and cuts her lemons the wrong way.
by ILookLikeATurtle July 01, 2019
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The nicest girl to be a gf with she will be mad at you for a little but but not long
Evangelina was mean at me but she was joking i still love her though
by BeatUpDallis February 24, 2018
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