Long sideburns that extend outward towards the mouth
Did you see the chops on that guy riding the motorcycle. They were really bushy.
by CJ April 11, 2005
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verb - To strike someone with a thrown or launched object. Often in a classroom setting or with an object not designed for throwing. Primarily used by african americans in the Charleston, SC area.
Ms. Warner, William had chop me with his pencil!

Boy hush before I chop you with my book.

I chopped that fool up side his head three times with yesterday.
by runey777 June 20, 2009
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Dirty South Slang, Houston Texas, crossfade precisely and accurately between 2 specifically synchronized channels causing the 'chop' in 'chop and screw', not 'sliced and slowed' whoever invented term that is not from texas and is an ignorant novice to Dirty South Hip Hop. Creator DJ Screw made famous by DJ Mike '5000' Watts, DJ O G Ron C
...finnih give it to you shawty, u gon' feel it in ya body everytime Ron and Michael Watts chop a spot, aint forgot about true DJ screw, cuz if it wasnt for screw, wouldnt be nothin to do, no clamin' red no clamin blue, woulnt be nothin to bang while im bangin you... -chamillionaire
by bigreyzday January 10, 2006
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The act of cutting cocaine and mixing it with something else in order to make profit.
- I chop it with the razor, then I let it hit the sack.

- Yo grab the arm and hammer so we can chop down this bird.
by TheChronicKingWes115 February 14, 2010
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Coke, Yayo, Blow, You know... Cocaine.
"Man I shouldn't of had so much chop last night"

"oh yeah man, By the way your nose is still bleeding"

"Shit I need more chop!"
by C-Man S May 24, 2008
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