Chong (Short for Machong) is a fucking legend. You might underestimate him for his hight or strength but he is funny as fuck. His hair makes him look retarded and his forehead can fit a continent. Chong is like a fat fucking carnivor chasing a goose. But like a littpe goose.(obviously)
(Karen)look there’s Chong
(Karen)Ya that’s him
(Me)Is it just me or he’s glowing
(Karen)Since Chong is so magestic, he glows
(Me)I wanna be Chong
(Everyone)I wanna be Chong
Chong is a beast. Literally, a beast. He is a motherfucking corn on the cob being eaten by Jesus on Friday. That’s how much of a beast he is. If people were cars, Chong would be a truck. If people were pistols, he’d be an R.P.G. And if people were people, Chong would be...CHONG!
I wanna be Chong
by Chong270 August 22, 2019
Generally referring to smoking big clouds, owing namesake to the legendary Tommy Chong it’s not limited to weed, but lends some sense of social acceptability when referring to otherwise sketchier substances being smoked...
Chicago chargin way too much for a ball of Chong, smart money finna get that shit shipped in from Cali...
by Fuqueue420 May 31, 2018
To smoke weed in heavy amounts/extremely often, similarly to Chong of Cheech and Chong.
You see that dude over there? Yeah, he smoked with me fat yesterday. He chongs like a motherfucker.
by MichaelWackson November 26, 2018
To consume with speed.
c'mon chong your pint.
Im chonging the bifter.
by Billoddy March 19, 2003
A chong is a female who is easily persuaded for sexual favours
That Gals a Chong, im sure to get pussy
by Micheal November 20, 2003
verb, infinitive , to chong.

To take multiple consecutive bong hits, the duration of which can include an entire evening. This indubitably results in the transition of the participant from sophisticated scholar to paralysed imbecile.
The situation is depicted thus;
Stoner A: "Has Liam been cramming for his test? I haven't seen him in bare time!"
Stoner B: "Nope, he's been chonging again. I swear down, he will be gutted when he gets his results, man!"
by stiffkittenbabelfish November 12, 2009
Verb; To accidentally inhale a roach down your throat, often causing one to qwag, as seen in Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke.
Don't hit that tiny roach so hard, you might chong it.
by RealHorrorshow88 September 8, 2009