A verb meaning to casually greet another person by feeling in order: their breasts, ass, and groin area. Usually done from male to female, never vice versa, and can be homosexual in nature. Originated by the famous Korean, Daniel Chong.
Akhtar: "Hey yo, maybe we should invite VA to this party?"

Petroski: "Naw, man... You know somebody's only gonna chong her again."

Akhtar: "Thats true, dude. I dont want Pomper to kick me out."
by mike410 April 10, 2009
To smoke so much dank in a seeled car that no one can see and some one is begging for air.

From the Delafield smokers crew, eg. Soknuts and co.
Let me out, I can't breath.

Shut pussy the ride is just getting chonged.
by Gimpy September 9, 2004
1. Is anything and everything both alive, dead, and inanimate. Similar to The Force in Star Wars.

1. He drove the chong home from football.

2. What the fotching chong is going on here.

3. What a chong.
by Funktionarian October 25, 2011
Vape / Vape box
Originated from Hurstpierpoint College pupils in eagle

Discreet use of the word vape
I have raspberry fizz Chong liquid
Let’s have a hit from the Chong
by Dansman March 23, 2018
A chong is a person also knows as a cholo, ese or a naco. They are the ones who make the real Mexicans looks bad.
Look at the chongs stupid looking truck with his last name on the back of the window.
by Machete Filoso February 13, 2009
Chong A Bong , In Cheer For Tommy Chong ! Famous With Cheech Marin in UP IN SMOKE
A Chongers Movie Wet Dream !+)
Man ! Don't Breach The Cheech ! Pass The Pipe Man , Its My Turn , To Chong The Bong !+)
by The V ONE 2nd To None March 21, 2018