when a woman has a condition with teeth in her vagina
yo I was fucking this girl and she had some chompers on her.
Thats fucking gross dude.
by yoyyoyo1020 October 15, 2020
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A big dick guy who likes to eat out women but has a bad temper. Great single word nickname and loves to be squished in big tits.
via giphy
by Justanothergamer October 12, 2016
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chŏmpΙ™r n. A wily, or rascally cat. Definitely a hunter.
There's my little chomper, "What have you killed for me today?"
by katlip July 18, 2020
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One of the many names given to the glorious act of utilizing the wonderful chewing tobacco. Chompers are not just a normal pinch of Skoal, Cope, or whatever your brand of choice may be, but rather an excessive amount of tobacco carefully placed in the natural pouch of one's lower lip.
Chompers can always be found in the lips of prep school and college students who crave a buzzing sensation while tending to the rigors of an academic institution.
by SpeedoSpicoli May 17, 2005
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Chompers are disgusting, dirty, peg selling, hedgehog eating, drive tarmacing thieves.

Other common terms are Pikey, Gypo etc.
The chompers are burning tyres again.

A chomper offered to tarmac my drive.

You dirty chomper.
by simon April 18, 2005
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Someone who got huge front teeth and/or a huge grill.
by chaowdtey July 23, 2003
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SLANG: one who copies someone else's style or way of living; copying any aspect of another person.
"hey buddy, i got the same shoes as you. quit being such a chomper!"
by mark clement November 28, 2006
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