during fornication, the male lays a steamy stool on the female's chest then spunks down the centre of the shit in affect making the white lines similar to those of road markings
last night i caught Ali tarmacing Dave
by RICHARD THACKER October 19, 2007
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when a girl is in the cowboy position, she moves up and shits on the bans chest, she then proceeds to rub it in with her arse cheeks like a steam roller, hence tarmacing.
this always happens to dj's. they take a girl home the girl (or guy) starts tarmacing! it sucks to be a dj
by 666god666 April 13, 2009
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In order to complete a successful tarmacing, the male must, during intercourse, shit on the bitches back. This starts from the rectal cavity and should be worked upwards in a swift motion towards the ladies neck. Prompt running in the opposite direction to said lady is advised as soon as the tarmacing is complete.
by munging_commander November 17, 2004
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Take a shit on someone and proceed to thrust against them like a steam roller.
Graham was tarmacing Betty in the closet.
by cripplednippletots April 26, 2016
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A mixture of crushed rock and tar with was a pre curser to modern Asphalt.

Of course you only hear the word now days by nit wit news people who picked up the term after the 1972 TWA hi-jacking where British reporters on the scene referred to the airliner "sitting on the tarmac". In British terms they commonly use tarmac like we in the USA would use the word "Asphalt". As is so common with reporters they like to repeat words and phrases that have an International flavor whether they know the meaning or not.
You are driving down an old country road constructed with the old fashioned process of rock and tar called "tarmac"
by Reid Alan August 19, 2010
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when a girl shits on your chest and then rubs her ass around, smothering it in.
"i was having sex last night and the girl tarmaced me. what a bitch!"
by LG bandit January 19, 2009
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Tarmack is a reference to a discovery by a man named MacAdams. MacAdams found that crushed rock, as opposed to pea gravel, could be compacted into a firm and durable surface if mixed with asphalt tar and compacted.'Tarmac is a term almost universally misused to describe an airports runway, which are always concrete, not blacktop, paving, or tarmack.
Driving through the California motherload, we could see remains of the tarmack that once was the surface of the main road.
by Jim Inman August 17, 2006
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