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during fornication, the male lays a steamy stool on the female's chest then spunks down the centre of the shit in affect making the white lines similar to those of road markings
last night i caught Ali tarmacing Dave
by RICHARD THACKER October 19, 2007
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when a girl is in the cowboy position, she moves up and shits on the bans chest, she then proceeds to rub it in with her arse cheeks like a steam roller, hence tarmacing.
this always happens to dj's. they take a girl home the girl (or guy) starts tarmacing! it sucks to be a dj
by 666god666 April 13, 2009
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In order to complete a successful tarmacing, the male must, during intercourse, shit on the bitches back. This starts from the rectal cavity and should be worked upwards in a swift motion towards the ladies neck. Prompt running in the opposite direction to said lady is advised as soon as the tarmacing is complete.
by munging_commander November 17, 2004
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Laying the 'black and brown' to create a nice even surface!
Getting a ground crew in (4 friends) to each hold a corner down on a large tarpaulin sheet. Then once you have that in place, you will then need your girlfriend to go on 'All Fours' in the center of it. Once she is in position you may the sit on her back like a horse rider and begin to shit over her back. Once the shit is laid you will then be required to use your ass cheeks to spread and smear it all over her back until you have a nice and even gripping surface! Tarmacing's done lads, lets have a cuppa tea!
by THE CHAG June 26, 2011
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