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When a crazy black woman becomes obsessed with a preppy white woman and starts stalking her. She calls her 'dandelion' and they become a chocolate and vanilla swirl
Crazy Eyes: I'm going to call you dandelion because they are pretty and yellow, just like you.
Piper: ooh, ohh *runs away*
Piper: hats going oh?
Guard: Closing the track
Piper: Why?
Guard: budget cuts, no staff to cover it
Piper: bug I have to run, its the only thing that makes me feel normal
Guard: y'all gonna have to do ya swirl some place else
Piper: swirl?
Crazy eyes: Chocolate and vanilla swirl!
by Ionlemonpoo September 19, 2014
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When you shit on your index and fiddle finger and then ejaculate on the same index and middle finger and then proceed to rub together these two ingredients to make the perfect Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl. The Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl is a tasty treat to enjoy by yourself or with friends. Most people prefer eating it directly off the fingers but you can also use a spoon if you choose.
Charlie has a Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl every night after his dinner.
by Bemo January 17, 2019
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