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When a crazy black woman becomes obsessed with a preppy white woman and starts stalking her. She calls her 'dandelion' and they become a chocolate and vanilla swirl
Crazy Eyes: I'm going to call you dandelion because they are pretty and yellow, just like you.
Piper: ooh, ohh *runs away*
Piper: hats going oh?
Guard: Closing the track
Piper: Why?
Guard: budget cuts, no staff to cover it
Piper: bug I have to run, its the only thing that makes me feel normal
Guard: y'all gonna have to do ya swirl some place else
Piper: swirl?
Crazy eyes: Chocolate and vanilla swirl!
by Ionlemonpoo September 19, 2014

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Blatantly ignoring somebody on social networks by using emojis or stickers as a reply.
I've never had a full conversation with Brittany, she's always smearing! *smh*
by Ionlemonpoo September 04, 2014

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