Beautiful dark melanin skin that sparkles when the sunlight shines on it and is beautiful to have
Get you a darkskin girl/boy there amazing 😉
by Roy’al March 12, 2018
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A person with darker skin , has high confidence ,is kind to others ,and is jus beautiful to look at ,and is also much more of a freak than any other.
Damn I want a darkskined girlfriend!!
Who doesn't?
by Annonomous!!521 April 2, 2017
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A male or female that is dark skinned but only in certain situations. Their skin tone fluctuates depending on their environment.
A situational darkskin; dark when compared to other people but okay on their own. Usually dark with natural light but are more brown skin with artificial lighting.
by KidvKat June 25, 2019
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Guy 1: so that new girl your dating is kind of dark
Guy 2: I know but she cute tho right
Guy 1: yeah she some darkskin fire right!
Guy 2: Truee!
by ookoombey June 21, 2014
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A real nigga dat can get hella aggressive nd be gentle asf at the same time, THEY BE HAVING THE LONGEST/FATEST DICKS OUT DER and They kno how to work dat shii in bed too. Dey sexy asf and dey look WAYYYY BETTER DEN LIGHTSKINS nd Lightskins act like luh girls when you say sumn Like if he was a darkskin he would came nd put me in my place. Darkskins look sexy asf with Tattoos nd Earrings, Nd if the darkskin got waves he kno how to EAT sum PUSSY.
I left my LIGHTSKIN for a DARKSKIN nigga and said “Darkskins got BiGG DICKS and dey kno how to slang dat shii too”
by UnkownUser1 February 4, 2021
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automatically makes them nonchalont asf,they don't gaf about anything the shit is rediculous,it also makes then gay faggots who like dicc in their asshole
look at the darkskin dreadhead,i bet you he likes dicc in the booty
he acts like a darkskin dreadhead
by the realll tea May 31, 2023
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A latino who appears to be of african descent, probably because they are
boy: Hola negra
girl: shut up I'm just a darkskin latino
by wearsocksplease January 22, 2021
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