when u ejaculate into the ass of a woman and you squeeze her cheeks so the shitty cum comes out and you or her or a innocent bystander drinks the shitty cum.
tommy:im cumming!!
sandra:oh yea
tommy:im gonna get me a big glass of chocolate milk.

Lets go make some chocolate milk with your grandma!

by CutBleedDie May 12, 2006
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When filling a glass with sperm and tit milk.Then shitting in the same glass and stir it with a male's penis and forcing a woman to suck on it. While the male chugs it down.
Nothing like Chocolate milk in the morning.
by Dick pierce September 26, 2010
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Man, that waitress from Hooters was freaking hot. But those wings are tearing me up. I gotta chocolate milk.
by Jonathan Marquise June 17, 2003
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After penetrating and cuming into the girl's ass, the girl sucks out the guy's chocolate milk (the mixture of crap of cum) that remains on his dick.
Your mom is so nice, everytime I come over I get some chocolate milk.
by KBatManV September 07, 2008
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What cool people drink in alternative to milk.
"Donald is pretty fly. He's pounding down Chocolate Milk while I'm sipin' on skim."
by Noraadivad November 12, 2009
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A sexual act where the male cums into the ass of his partner who has diarrhea and then sucks the frothy mixture back out with a straw. Thus creating chocolate milk.
Me and my girlfriend tried some chocolate milk last night, I sucked it all up.
by JTLHPCLTAM September 26, 2011
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