A sexual act where the male cums into the ass of his partner who has diarrhea and then sucks the frothy mixture back out with a straw. Thus creating chocolate milk.
Me and my girlfriend tried some chocolate milk last night, I sucked it all up.
by JTLHPCLTAM September 26, 2011
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A "mixed drink" in certain gay fetish circles consisting of diarrhea and semen.
"DrDink was yet another depraved individual who had cleverly invented what is now know as Chocolate Milk in gay circles: after sucking off a huge throbbing gay dick, one would retain the semen in his mouth long enough to mix it with several squirts of diarrhea happily supplied by a fellow scat-loving donor."
by Arrant Lax Fool December 03, 2009
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When one girl lactates into another girl's ass who then shits out the mixture of breast milk and shit into the other girl's mouth. Next, the guy stirs the mixture (still in the girls mouth) with his dick, he then proceeds to force the 2 women to suck his dick which is covered in said "chocolate milk." after all that is done, they have a nice refreshing glass of leftover "chocolate milk" to share as they reminisce about the sin they have just performed on eachother.
*sniff* ummm... why the fuck does your breathe smell like wolverine assholes?

I was making myself a glass of chocolate milk.
by SimminsVanillacock June 12, 2010
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A high level, high skill, and high octane sex move that requires an adventurous man and a slutty bitch.

The man will stand facing away from the woman and she will be kneeling behind him.

She will then reach between his legs and grab a hold of his "utter" and pull it straight down and begin "milking" it.

Once she has been making milk for a while she may want to add the chocolate, by sticking her tongue in or around the man's anus and licking vigorously.
Guy 1: Hey brosef! Man I was such a friggen cow last night!

Guy 2: Why, you mow down some chinese food or some thing?

Guy 1: No your girl friend gives the BEST Chocolate Milks!
by Sex Master Pro June 23, 2010
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After tossing salad (eating ass) when a person drinks milk from the carton. The normal milk then becomes chocolate milk. Used as a verb, to describe tossing salad in extreme cases.
Megan is so freaking hot, I would chocolate milk the shit out of her. Srs.
by narile September 14, 2010
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