What you call alcohol in front for your parents and possible snitches.

(Pairs nicely with the sone Chocolate Milk by kookookangaroo)
“Did anyone bring the chocolate milk?”
“Yeah don’t worry about it”
“Yo Brandon whatcha drinking?”
“Chocolate milk bro”
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by Pa-the-tic May 22, 2020
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milk good combined with chocolate YUMMMY that you can make yourself or, if you're lucky, buy already mixed in the store
"this chocolate milk is the best is better than sex"
by the dude 420 March 31, 2006
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milk flavored with chocolate syrup or powdered chocolate otherwise known as the cool black kid in the white group
Look at jimi hendrix (chocolate milk) taking thoses bong hits with Cheech and Chong (milk)
by martman1100 June 24, 2009
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The sexual act of a man cumming into a woman's mouth after she gives head and immediately after the woman squirts chocolate syrup into her mouth, swishes it around, and then swallows.
Willy Wonka's gay lover used to adore drinking Willy's chocolate milk. But then his test results came back...
by Hansonpaulsey October 11, 2009
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Chocolate Milk is an example of High Demand and Low Supply. At school cafeterias, they are used as a currency to trade lunches.

To obtain a Chocolate Milk, you can either A: Pay for it like a Scrub, or B: Trade an item of food of equal or more value in exchange for Chocolate Milk.

Having Chocolate Milk, you shouldn't drink it, as it, like all other School Lunch foods, is made of sodomized Toxic Waste. Instead, use it to bargain other people out of lunch items that you think look good. Those with the most Chocolate Milk cartons are the most powerful, and thus can barter for more food items.
Nolan: Hey, Jake, Can I have some of those Tater Tots?
Jake: Sure, but you gotta give me some of that Chocolate Milk
Nolan: Alright, Alright, you drive a hard bargain.
Nolan:*hands over milk*
Jake:*hands over tater tots*
Nolan: pleasure doing business with you, good sir.
by AntifaRedPanda September 09, 2020
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Also known as Marijuana. Originating from the name given to the type of weed. Sometimes can be called "headies."
"Frank had some dank chocolate milk last night. We all got really stoned."
by King Kahn January 04, 2010
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