Being courteous and polite without fucking whining or asking for anything in return.
Chivalry is to be shown without it being asked for.
by Und3dkill@ July 23, 2014
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Etiquette of how knight should behave. It doesn't really have much in common with being nice to women, rather it dictates what rules there are at fight, etc., etc. If a woman (especially feminist) tells you chivalry is dead, throw your gloves on the ground in front of her and challenge her to duel to death with longswords and shields to show her what this word really means.
Lately, a woman walked to me and told me "chivalry is dead", so I challenged her to a sword duel. It seems chivalry is well enough, the woman's dead, though...
by Tomsow(12) January 9, 2020
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Something women complain is dead even though it cannot logically exist in an equal society, which is something women wanted. It's one or the other.
Jesse lamented about the death of chivalry while she lambasted the days when men oppressed women which was a time when chivalry was common. Makes perfect sense.
by Amfortas March 12, 2011
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Chivalry is when a guy does something nice for a woman that is not usually expected in modern times. The consists of a guy just doing the gentlemanly thing.
John opened the car door for Kayla; chivalry is always done by John.

When John offered to hang her coat, Kayla took off her jacket and handed it to him.
by ambergurswag September 14, 2013
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The medieval knightly system with its religious, moral, and social code.
Chivalry Ozzy, chivalry

"their relations with women were models of chivalry and restraint"
by Haramboner October 16, 2016
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women killed it... they don't like when we are nice to them anymore (so fuck opening the doors, taking their jacket, or telling them they are beautiful)

haha, yes !
"Would you like to go to dinner?"
-later that evening while she is chillin with her girls-
"this guy asked me to dinner, i am just gonna say i am busy."

(see, chivalry)
by the nike logo February 12, 2010
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