a code used by knights to be brave in battle, fight fairly, keep promises, defend the Church, and treat women of noble birth in a courteous manner
by james eakmon November 10, 2003
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When a man holds a door open for a woman, only check out her ass. (I'm hoping most women already knows this exists)
"Nice ass chivalry back there, but the 40 second wait for her to get from the parking lot to the door made it pretty obvious"
by Crazy Savages December 07, 2009
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Similar to regular chivalry, except that the obstacle faced by the woman is created by her soon to be rescuer. It seems it may also mean that the rescuer, or "nigga", if you will, performs chivalric behavior in a ghetto or less than favorable manner.
The correct way to highlight a moment of true nigga chivalry is to follow the summary of the scenario or the line of dialogue with the sentence "Nigga chivalry."

He steals a girl's purse then "finds it". Nigga chivalry.

He lets the air out of her tires, then offers her a ride home. Nigga chivalry.

Or, she tells him she is pregnant, and he responds, "Shit girl, you said you was on the pill... Well, I'll be responsible... Let me buy you a drink." Nigga chivalry.
by nickKohorst May 01, 2012
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The attempt, by a man, to pursue a woman with as many electronic and impersonal forms of communication as possible. Usually not judged to be successful by the pursued.
Denise: Remember that guy I met at the bar last Thursday?

Betty: Yeah, he seemed nice.

Denise: Well, he texted me, facebook-messaged me, e-mailed me, and twittered about me to ask me out on a date. I'm sick of e-chivalry! I just want them to ask me out in person!

Betty: What a loser.
by Jaded Single Girl June 11, 2010
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A known word in MMORPGS which is mostly used as sarcasm to describe a overwhelming massive amount of noobs

The word is also sometimes used to insult clans, which they mean you are a 1 iteming noob who can not accept defeat and willing to do what ever it takes to bring the win home, no matter what even if it means to make one self look like a no honor clan.
Wow, NI really has some competition with Chivalry Legions ! It is better off we stick to our own timezones this time, that way we only fight people who actually wear a full rune set.
by Chuck Hog October 06, 2006
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The social behavioral event where the laziest, most careless, and most repugnant man in the room suddenly has morals and a desire to fight for the rights of others — originating from his forlorn aspiration of obtaining sexual intercourse from the woman he suddenly wants to defend.
“Don really went to bat for Karen over that whole bookface post where people called her out for being a furry. What a guy!” “Dude, it’s just boner chivalry. He will go back to breathing heavily at her photos once she shuts him down.”
by Clanger77 May 07, 2019
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Respectfully obeying all rules related to the acquisition of riding "shotgun" in any given car ride.
Guy 1: Hey man I rode shotgun all the way here. How about you ride shotgun back home.
Guy 2: Hey man thanks!
Guy 1: Don't mention it I'm just practicing shotgun chivalry!
by "Caesar" The Great September 28, 2010
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