Located in the depths of a vastly improving gmail server Shadrack is a place where men go to become girls. A place where Yeti's and people with penis arms can feel comfortable. A venue where got'ems are plentiful and taints are always allowed. Shadrack has little to no historical relevance because as we all know it is made up of a group of young citizens that are historically challenged. With a population of about a bakers dozen it's considered one of the largest crews of sweet dudes that used to run and often speak of comebacks. Admission to Shadrack is a honor bestowed upon only the very sweetest or anyone that can handle getting 300 emails a day.
"So I was on Shadrack the other day and one of my buddies told me to EMA, so I did."

"Dude, did you see that got'em that Yeti wrote to SPA on Shadrack?...he really got'em good"
by Bruno's Kid November 16, 2006
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