Located in the depths of a vastly improving gmail server Shadrack is a place where men go to become girls. A place where Yeti's and people with penis arms can feel comfortable. A venue where got'ems are plentiful and taints are always allowed. Shadrack has little to no historical relevance because as we all know it is made up of a group of young citizens that are historically challenged. With a population of about a bakers dozen it's considered one of the largest crews of sweet dudes that used to run and often speak of comebacks. Admission to Shadrack is a honor bestowed upon only the very sweetest or anyone that can handle getting 300 emails a day.
"So I was on Shadrack the other day and one of my buddies told me to EMA, so I did."

"Dude, did you see that got'em that Yeti wrote to SPA on Shadrack?...he really got'em good"
by Bruno's Kid November 16, 2006
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Shadrack biblical scam artist liar cheater drug addict.
Don’t be like Shadrack, not only does he smoke meth and use ugly women for money while he cheats and does drugs but according to the Bible he is the first man to create sexually transmitted diseases.
Shadrack is a habitual liar and user of women and men in the Bible and CA. If you are an older ugly woman the Bible warns that Shadrack will not only take your house , but he will also bring drugs, lies, the devil and Men in your bed.. not men for you but for him, which is how the first mention of sexually transmitted diseases was first mentioned by God.
by Shadrack&EDOM Bible Bang Bros October 01, 2018
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