A creature that defies the laws of nature by being half man, half hair beast. As a whole, it makes up half the ingredients needed to create a California Cyclone (the other half is Tequila- swill or fine quality work equally well).
Ok, who's the dumb ass that bought Chipman tequila shots? Brilliant idea! You're gonna clean up that fuck'n mess you moron!
by Milton Todd April 8, 2022
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Chipman- A small person(s) who are irrationally afraid of firearms.
That guy, Dave. He's a real chipman, ranting about arm braces.
by Bongle Mc'gongston April 17, 2021
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The shittiest place on earth, inhabited by goons and crack whores.
Fuck my life, I live in Chipman!
by E/C Pride March 18, 2011
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A compound word, made up of the word "chip" and the word "man". If used as a last name often shortened to "chip". See Chipman, NB
Hey Chipman thanks for the meat fart!
by omofmom@yahoo.com February 13, 2010
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#wheresthedip #chipmans
by Vanzzzzzz August 13, 2018
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Setting fire to a building and or school bus with 25 children and 2 pregnant women inside. Bonus points if you take a picture with the remains of your victims behind you. Double bonus points if you end up being chosen to lead the federal agency that spearheaded the massacre.
Back in 93' David went chipmanning down in Waco, Tx. Little did he know 28 years later he would be chosen by the most popular potato to ever have been elected president (honk-honk) to lead the ATF.
by S. Patriot July 21, 2021
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The gayest, and most annoying Jehovahs Witness you will ever see, and owns very few shirts and has a missing chromosome.
Yo this dumbass reminds of a Noah Chipman.
by iSuggestBaconBits April 23, 2018
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