28 years Is the amount of time The Mighty Blackburn Rovers have had there dominance of the tiny inferior inbreds that is Burnley, and well i dont think its going to change anytime soon cos well lets face it the dngles
arnt going to get promoted are they. And as for the cups there always knocked out before the good team in east Lancashire (blackburn) gets a chance to play them.
Your mums your dad, your dads your mum, your interbred your Burnley scum. 28 years and counting dingles its laugable.

Remember the flyover boys "'Staying down for ever - Love Rovers
by watty123456 October 16, 2007
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It's a golden year also the year you realise your youth is truly almost over
It's the kind of year where people expect you to have realised your potential or to be married already and have babies already

The year in which all your dreams are a realised if you are a responsible individual who works hard and have not experienced any unprecedented circumstances -Written by a 23/24 yr old
28 years old is

Oh wow so you're 28 now
You've been alive for 28 years now.
Hopefully you've done something awesome with your life
by misfit mentality May 7, 2023
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