A clone of a cyclops
Oh no, that cyclops has a cyclone! I thought one was enough!
by Raslafor June 21, 2007
A cone shaped cigarette tube that you fill with pipe tobacco. They're sold at tobacconists and some smoke shops. The shape of the tube is why they call it a Cyclone - the mouthpiece is narrow while the outer tip is fat, the tube is conical in shape.
John that's a funky looking cigar in your mouth what is it?

It's a Cyclone dude, I got it at Tobacco Road on 12th street.
by MichaelAngel June 29, 2009
When someone takes a toke of weed, drinks their alcoholic beverage, then exhales the remainder smoke in their lungs.
Yo Luc, do a cyclone! It'll get you sooooo fucked!!
by bobby bling June 27, 2006
A friend who visits on rare occasions, but still manages to rush in to your home with various alcoholic beverages and/or drugs, forces you to consume said items, takes you to a club, buys you MASSIVE shots until you black out, occasionally finds you a ride home and then disappears in the morning. This friend typically does not contact you until the next "big party" or house D.J. comes to town.
Krystal: Hey Shandy and I are going to see Trashy this weekend, wanna come?
Thomas: Oh I can't she's a total cyclone...
by Mama Cyclone March 6, 2008
A universal dance move performed usually by 5 drunken/intoxicated girls. Each female making their own signature move when cyclone come on or when the word is spoken. (5 on it)

Alex, Rachael, Kaity, Megan, Jenn: (All attempt cyclone moves)
by Raylex October 21, 2007
Cyclobenzaprine (flexeril), a non-narcotic muscle relaxer which, for some, is like being high for the first time, while for others with more than one working brain cell, does absolutely shit for them
Cyclones are easily addictive because THEY DONT GET YOU HIGH! -_-
by The.T.O.U.R.Scribe December 31, 2011