this is when a woman puts a mans penis in her vagina by sitting on it while he is laying down (the woman preferably sitting with her back toward the mans face) then the woman spins in a circle while keeping the cock in her vagina.
Tommy: so ben wat did u do last night with ur girlfreind???
Ben: she was getting bored so i pulled out a cyclone!!!
Tommy: LUCKY!!!
by Yllib Nosnhoj June 06, 2007
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A cone shaped cigarette tube that you fill with pipe tobacco. They're sold at tobacconists and some smoke shops. The shape of the tube is why they call it a Cyclone - the mouthpiece is narrow while the outer tip is fat, the tube is conical in shape.
John that's a funky looking cigar in your mouth what is it?

It's a Cyclone dude, I got it at Tobacco Road on 12th street.
by MichaelAngel June 28, 2009
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When someone takes a toke of weed, drinks their alcoholic beverage, then exhales the remainder smoke in their lungs.
Yo Luc, do a cyclone! It'll get you sooooo fucked!!
by bobby bling June 26, 2006
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a type of pre rolled blunt which can fit at least 2 to 3 grams or mary hanna wanna
" I smoked a cyclone that shit burnt for a shizzle "
by Tom S Beeaver February 21, 2009
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A friend who visits on rare occasions, but still manages to rush in to your home with various alcoholic beverages and/or drugs, forces you to consume said items, takes you to a club, buys you MASSIVE shots until you black out, occasionally finds you a ride home and then disappears in the morning. This friend typically does not contact you until the next "big party" or house D.J. comes to town.
Krystal: Hey Shandy and I are going to see Trashy this weekend, wanna come?
Thomas: Oh I can't she's a total cyclone...
by Mama Cyclone March 05, 2008
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