Two individuals with a penis, counteracting their exposed cocks in synchronous alternating directions (without touching), resembling the rotation of the blades of a Chinook helicopter.
Dude bro, is it gay to Chinook with another dude, bro?
by Cock Blogger March 13, 2022
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The Chinook is when two guys stand next to each other and do the "helicopter" with their penises.
Hey, did you see our Chinook last night?
by JJiggyG September 29, 2017
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To those making sexual definitions about this, you are the most retarded dudes I have ever met. A Chinook is a heavy, dual rotored transport helicopter that has a top speed that is almost 200 MPH. Primary use is to transport infantry and/or vehicles. In Call of duty they have replaced the little bird helicopters for the care package delivery. it is slower and is a bigger target in BO so one can shoot it down and steal the package.
*random black ops game*

Me: aw yeah, got the care package

enemy: *shoots down chinook*

Me: you son of a bitch!
by Ultimate_Zealot August 9, 2011
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The female equivalent of the Helicopter. When a woman spins her breasts around like the two rotors of a Chinook
"Damn dude, she spun her tits like a Chinook yesterday at the party!"
by TheProgrammer March 25, 2014
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When a warm breeze blows. Specifically when flatulence is emitted in the midst of a rim job.
The rimmer that Misty gave me last night was so good that I gave her a Chinook.
by wowzermacdowzer April 5, 2016
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A sexual technique similar to Helicoptering, in which two men rotate their flaccid penises smacking the recipient in the face.
My buddy and I are going to Chinook her for her birthday
by chucklz February 14, 2008
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A clever euphemism for ploughing your girlfriends ass full of rock hard cock.
"There's nothing more macho than landing a helicopter in your girlfriend's back yard, that was some good chinooking!"
by Andrew Lander April 21, 2008
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