The act of grabbing ones chin in a cone like manner using ones hand.
Yo Morbius just chinned Dontaviouse
Being subject to someones inability to efficiently conduct their lives.
"He was supposed to come over at 9 but it was 12 before he arrived. He proper chinned me."
by R3NGA June 20, 2017
To have a extrodinarily large chin.
by Fedora July 7, 2006
To be fucked due to drink/drugs/exhaustion/sheer laziness.
Craig ( the day after a heavy night): CHINNED

Stuart ( After football training): CHINNED

Gary : Too chinned to move
by Foagle July 15, 2011
When your co worker burps down the back of your shirt (usually after consuming something fragrant) while rubbing their chin on your neck then whispering "do you like that?"
Dave chinned Sara during their Christmas potluck.
by Thisisagroupthing February 9, 2021
A character on the popular YouTube channel TVFilthyFrank who wears a black body suit and has eyes drawn lazily on top of his eyelids. He often speaks in complete gibberish and Japanese, often repeating the words Chin Chin. Chin Chin also translates to penis in Japanese which is was used as a joke in the naming of Chin Chin.
Please lord Chin Chin, please give me more time for chromosome blood.
by ComradeHarls February 1, 2015
1) Italian (and sometimes French): 'Cheers!' Derives from the sound of the glasses clinking together.

2) Japanese: Penis. Cause of much puzzlement when Italians travel to Japan, or when Japanese travel to Italy.
Italian guy: OK, here's to our time in Osaka. Chin chin!

Japanese guy: I beg your pardon?
by Paddy J September 11, 2006