originally a boxing term. refers to the resilience a fighter has, especially in regard to blows to the head.

someone who cannot handle getting hit in a fight very well is said to have a weak chin or a glass jaw. someone who can handle lots of abuse is said to have a strong chin.
dude 1: man, that guy's really taking a beating!

dude 2: yeah, but he's still fighting, look at him, it's like the punches aren't even affecting him.

dude 1: he's got a hell of a chin on him, that's for sure.
by facefault October 10, 2011
Spanish slang, commonly used in Dominican Republic to say:

- a tad
- a bit
- some

Oye, loco, dejame un chin de arroz!
(Hey, leave me some rice)
by Camardicus November 19, 2006
what leafy doesn't have
Guy1: You know LeafyIsHere?
Guy2: Yeah?
Guy1: He has no chin!
Guy2: LOL
by MemeLord4063 November 5, 2016
A sweet guy who can never understand how big his heart is. He is one of the most loyal and trustworthy people you can ever meet. To shy to meet ladies but definitely likes to fuck. Most guys would love to be a chin but most guys love pussy.
Your so loving and caring but your being such a chin get with some girls.
by Williewonkaz January 22, 2019
Sexual slang for taking it on the chin, more associated with gay men.
Mailman came over and took it on the chin chin for me it was great!
by Kevin MP August 27, 2007
slang for peole with chinese back ground.
by chindogg September 21, 2005
Shortend version of "Chin Up"
Person A - Aww I lost £30 in the fruit machine

Person B - Chin!!
by Shane Phillips December 11, 2006