A synonym to cheers. Though it is, unlike the more universal term "cheers", only used when taking in beverages.

This uttering would for the most part be considered posh.
In more formal parties one could raise his/her glass facing another person, and say: "chin-chin" before drinking.
by Poul Erik July 13, 2006
A delicious snack cookie originating from Nigeria
'at our Nigerian parties, every table will have a paper plate filled with chin chin'
by Laety April 20, 2006
A Human Male's Penis. Orginally from the Japanese Language and adapted for English by Dave Attel.
"That deserves a chin chin!"

"I wanna put my chin chin on your chin."
by Spyder Edwards December 6, 2004
1.) That one Asian kid who's better than you at everything, but also too nice to get mad at. She stresses on tests only to get 110%. Everybody knows her name and you can use it to flex your connections.

2.) A mysterious person who you know is hiding a massive dark secret. Most likely plotting the end of the world while posing to be innocent and loving
"Yeah, my FRIEND Chin Chin helped me with my homework"
"Oh Chin Chin? She's super smart!"
by Julenium April 9, 2019
said when something good happens, usually followed by rub a dub dub 3 ducks in a tub
Chin Chin !!!!
Rub a dub dub
3 ducks in a tub (gibby)
by jamin_jamie July 19, 2009
The dark lord. He demands sacrifices every year from his sarcrifices, which are shown on Filthy Frank's YouTube channel.
I just sacrificed 37 potatoes to the dark lord chin chin. Hopefully he will be appeased.
by kindaouttaluck December 30, 2016