China, She's the true definition of INDEPENDENT and WIFE MATERIAL , she's a young beautiful spoiled foreign smart girl , The camera is always flashing around her meaning she loves getting her picture taking , she has her moments and doesn't like to be tried . She fights for what she believes in ; She goes through alot but Always have a smile in her face because everyone's down If she's down , She love's to cook and trying new thing's ,She's strong, Independent Loving and so much more. Everyone likes China , She's always happy and always cheering someone when their down. She's trustworthy; She wants to be love and accepted with all her flaws , she has so much confidence built inside of her that no matter what someone say can't break that . She's the type of girl who has her life planned out , she's not a hoe , she's not looking for attention, she's a one man type of girl . Be like China.
Aye bro why can't these hoes be like China , I need me a China

- Cuz man they so busy hoeing around tryna play us


Y'all heard about that new girl China?

Ya , I don't like her , She thinks she's all good because she got her shit right

Girl stop hating on her and she is all good , you always in them streets thotting around and she's not , u need to take notes

Maybe you right , I'll start being like China cuz I do wanna find love one day

We all Need to be like China
by Sashaa402 December 23, 2016
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buy the domain for your art blog
Donald trumps favorite word. And also were i get my orange chicken and chow mein
Trump: China!
by Šæńd_ńįggęr💎 November 16, 2016
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Where everything in this living world is made.
I may be American but 90% of me has the stamp Made In China
by nathalie007 March 05, 2009
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A slang term meaning 'mate'. Originates from China Plate, where Plate rhymes with Mate.
Guy 1: Hey China! Long time no see!
Mate: How are ya pal!? Good to see ya!
by Australian Dude April 17, 2006
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A great big country full of Chinese people!

"China, like many other countries could take a fairly decent swipe at the USA, not by attacking it with bombs and guns, but by sending it the bank ballance."

"Having amassed foreign currency approaching the trillion mark, and forcing down the value of it's currency by pegging it to *snigger* the dollar, it has been able to strategically develop a fund, which will sustain its economy if the sniveling twats in charge of US fiscal overseas policy ever succeed in begging the WTO to make China raise the price of it's currency."

China's sole aim in doing all this is to give me something with which to slap abnoxious Americans, so I can jack myself off while watching them bridle in an effort to make some matcho agressive response.
Me: China is "insert made up facts here" because "insert more made up facts here"

American: Yeah but, "insert long winded shale of humorous antagonised patriotism here"

Me: Well China "insert more made up stuff here"

et cetera... ad nauseam...
by thiskevin October 02, 2006
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