Originally from the recent "Jeffrey Chiang" Saga on Wall Street

to chiang: to make false and outrageous claims about one's achievements and skills to get a job in investment banking.
"How did you get that job, dude?"

"I totally chianged my resume, bro!"
by GSwannabe October 23, 2009
To deceptively inflate one's resume or job prospects during an interview and then be publicly called out and utterly fail. Usually involved in investment banking roles or other business positions.
I heard that guy cured cancer while running a 5k marathon and pitching coal futures to Soros. Too bad he got chiangged and is now a hobo.
by Anonymous WSO Monkeyman October 23, 2009
Letting a friend start a fight that the friend cannot possibly win, usually because you find the friend annoying.
Dude, I heard Stevie got beat down by those Packers fans.

Yeah, he was drunk and kept yelling at them, and I got tired of holding him back. So I decided to unleash Chiang.
by drfarls July 7, 2009
(n.) used to define a place where the statistically, the highest number of awesome people in the work reside.
Person 1: Yo, man where you at?
Person 2: I'm in Chiang Mai man.
Person 1: Whooaaaaa, wish I was there
by kleberstift April 29, 2011
China's infamous "ogre leader" during the early-to-mid 1900's.
It's really too bad that Chiang Kai-Shrek didn't actually have vivid-green skin like his animated-cartoon cousin, or his subjects might have initially recognized him for the ogre that he truly was.
by QuacksO October 27, 2018
A former Generalissimo of Nationalist-ruled China (before People's Republic of China was established) as well as the first president of Taiwan (in context of Taiwan Independence movement, Taiwan under Chinese rule). This guy is hated by many Taiwanese people as well as foreign Taiwan Independence supporters because not only is he dictator but also he was Chinese not Taiwanese, and conducted so many racist policy towards Taiwanese people. Most of Taiwanese people claim that they are not Chinese, so they don't like rulers who have Chinese background.
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall should be demolished and returned to China. There is no reason that guy's dead body is in Taiwan!
by intrastella9999 May 8, 2016
A case of traveler's diarrhea that one gets during a trip to the China, specifically the People's Republic of China. Takes it's name from Chiang Kai-Shek, the leader of Nationalist China, who was overthrown by the Chinese Communist under Mao Zedong in 1949.
Bob: Hey, where's Jim? We were supposed to go see the Great Wall Today.
Mary: He came down with a case of Chiang Kai-Shek's Revenge
by thegreatrock June 20, 2012