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de facto ruler of china from the late 1970s to 1997 that killed Communism in China before it ended up like North Korea.

the most pragmatic and least ideological Communist leader, unlike the man named Mao Zedong, that is responsible for making China's economy what it is today.

In 1989, his orders led to the massacre of some 2,000 pro-democracy demonstrators in Beijing's Tiananmen Square.
Deng Xiaoping seems to be the only person in power to realize that Communism is never going to work, so he cheated by changing the policies a little, encouraging capitalist reforms while suppressing calls for democracy.
by jushitice June 03, 2013
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Chinese politician who opened up China to foreign investment and shifted the socialist Chinese economy to a more capitalist one. China was then in better shape to enter the world market. The standard of living in China also improved greatly.
Deng Xiaoping didn't weaken his own country like Mao Zedong or any other crappy Communist leader.
by bacon & eggs August 01, 2009
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