A code name for a particularly hot specimen, either male or female (whatever floats your boat). When sighting such a specimen, chillie should be uttered under your breath to the closest fellow chillie spotter. If the inevitable happens and the 'chillie' overhears, it's fine as they'll be completely oblivious!
Person 1: Dude, chillie 3 o’clock
Person 2: Ahh, I just jizzed!
by Yvess January 11, 2011
Chilli Chilli is to put chilli on food. Usually pronounced in a Nigerian accent and movin your hands about vigourously.
"Hello Stereotypical Black Man"

"hi billy!"

"whatcha doin Stereotypical Black Man?"

by poopy number 2 December 2, 2013
Chilly is the best swabian guy, you ever met!

He has long hair, a beard and looks somehow a bit like Shaun White with a mixture of a 90's/80's style.
He is an ambitious cyclist and will break your record in Strava one day.

Also you can have very funny vacation with him and he is even a good wing man.
But sometimes you have to help him to force his luck.

He also has a great and caring family he supports and is loved.
If he accepts you as a best friend, you are blessed and he will share everything with you, beside the cab fares.

He is great cyclist and a real swifty guy.

He likes to meet new people on party and do some small talk. Also his dance moves are pretty dope!

So girls, if you find one keep him and never let him go!
"Hey, did you see this Chilly"
"Dude, I wish everyone would be dope like Chilly"
Son: "Dad, when I grow up I want to become a Chilly“ - Dad: „Yes! Hopefully, you will son"
by iloveyoumorethanyourspouse December 12, 2020
literally the cutest thing ever, the most virtuous, the most pure person ever, always got my back, legit the person with a heart of gold, endless amounts of love to give (not to me sadly) overall the best person I've ever met, and I hope she never let's me go, because idk where I'd be without her she is the one that brightens my day up whether I want it or not, makes me smile whether I want it or not, she's just, the best person I've ever met, I feel blessed to have her ❤️
by winnie ehehe February 10, 2021
Member of the 90's Girl Group TLC where the C in TLC stands for her name.
by splashley March 23, 2007
the cutest most wholesome thing, this person (found on discord) is so cool, epic gamer infact, they understand everything and are very cooperative, they help you through hard times and very cool, approved.
Chilli is cute
by winnie ehehe February 8, 2021
meaning the same as cool, awesome, or rad
Damn, that truck was chilli
by jheide December 29, 2010